A new way of line

is sketched in the Cycladic landscape.


ALFREDOS DELIVERTIS design studio was founded in 2007 by Alfredos Delivertis. Aesthetics, functionality and a deep understanding of the local architecture are in our DNA. Our team provides a variety of services as part of a holistic approach.

Together with a network of partners, we are present throughout the project, from conceptualization to the construction’s finishing touches.


Our work combines a mosaic of local and traditional architectural elements with a clearly new architectural philosophy.

Sto doma
Yia to ladi
Ydras 3
Τsatmas allios


Our team has good knowledge of Greek legislation and local laws, providing a variety of services that are adapted to your special requirements and vision.

1. Architecture & Design

2. Structural Study

3. Licensing

4. Construction

5. Consulting

6. Topographic Survey

7. Building Legalization

8. Building Energy Efficiency


We share our new projects, collaborations, publications and work in progress. We also share our ideas and thoughts on architectural space issues.