Yia to ladi


Yia to ladi

Location: Episkopeio, Syros, Greece
Year: 2020
Type: Agricultural
Area: 107m2
Architect: Analipsi Theologitou
Structural Engineer: Alfredos Delivertis
Status: Under construction

The project “Gia to ladi” (Thanks to the oil) highlights the process of oil production and its importance for the Greek diet and tradition.

The site is located in Episkopeio (or Piskopeio) which is the one of the greenest parts of Syros. The owner of the land is a farmer and he is going to use part of the area by transplanting olive trees. So, the need that arises is a storage space for his agricultural products and equipment. The idea was a simple rectangular space (11 Χ 7m) placed between the farmer’s main house and the olive trees. Due to altitude difference between the olive grove and the house, the warehouse is in 2 levels so that it communicates with both. The ground floor consists of a space for storing sacks of olives and a space for agricultural machinery. However, the warehouse is not only used for the collection of olives and the storage of agricultural equipment. The roof of the warehouse acts as a “watering can” for the olive grove. The slopes of slopping roof direct the rainwater to a gutter and from there to ditches that lead to the olives trees and to other plants.

Ground floor
Roof plan

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