Our team has good knowledge of Greek legislation and local laws, providing a variety of services that are adapted to your special requirements and vision. Focusing on architectural studies, we undertake all the work needed to obtain the licensing of your project and its implementation. Moreover, we undertake the compilation of Topographic Surveys, Building Legalizations and we provide Energy Efficiency Certificates.

Architecture & Design

Our team undertakes architectural studies, building repairs, restorations, renovations and decorations based on the client’s needs.

Structural Study

We assess the structural capacity of your building with the support of specialized computer programs.


We undertake the licensing of your project following all the required procedures to obtain the final planning permissions from the Greek state.


Collaborating with a network of partners, we are present at each stage of construction providing supervision


We provide advice on a wide range of designs and options, always taking into account the relevant Greek legal framework.

Topographic Survey

We undertake the compilation of topographic surveys, using state-of-the-art technology equipment (GPS – drone volume measurements).

Building Legalization

Our team undertakes all the work needed to make your property compliant with Greek legislation.

Building Energy Efficiency

We provide building energy efficiency certificates and we plan the needed work for the upgrading of a building energy efficiency certificate.