Ydras 3


Ydras 3

Location: Hermoupolis, Syros, Greece
Year: 2020
Type: Restoration
Area: 256m2
Architect: Analipsi Theologitou
Structural Engineer: Alfredos Delivertis
Status: Under Permit

The project ‘Ydras 3’ attempts the restoration of the ruined building with the aim of preserving its architectural character – in the wider context of protecting the historic center of Hermoupolis.

Τhe 4-floor ruined building is located on Ydras 3 str. behind Apollon Theatre in the centre of Hermoupolis. Over the years it has suffered from weather conditions, earthquakes (the most recent was on October 30th 2020 between Samos and Smyrna) and other disasters. There have also been façade alterations and renovations. Today, the building’s interior and exterior are in a critical condition. The west wall has completely collapsed converting the west façade to a “live section” and revealing many construction details.

Our architectural study aims to preserve the basic typological elements (facades, stairs’ and entries’ positions) while ensuring the functionality of the interior for residential use.

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